Variety Testing

Variety testing field.

The Washington Oilseeds project host large-scale variety strip trials of winter and spring canola in the Pacific Northwest each growing season. The large-scale variety trials are used to study the performance of canola varieties at the field scale across the region. In addition to measuring yield, these variety trials are used to analyze the effects of stand establishment, pod count, and nutrient status on yield. The University of Idaho also hosts regional variety trials which can be found here [For Growers | Brassica Breeding & Research | University of Idaho (].

WSU/USDA-ARS Variety Testing Data

Here are links to other variety testing programs:

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  • Hulbert, S. 2012. Oilseed Variety Development: A Key to Successful Crop Adaptation. Oral presentation in Oilseed Economics, Breeding and Lifecycle Assessment session. Northwest Bioenergy Research Symposium. Seattle, WA. Nov. 13, 2012.

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